This is a one-hour documentary about the largest tomb ever discovered in the Valley of the Kings, in Egypt. It was not until 1989 that american archeologist Kent Weeks located KV-5, the tomb Ramses The Great may have built for his sons and daughters. He discovered its location while going through the hand-drawn notebooks and maps of the english explorer James Burton, who drew the entrance to the tomb and the first antechamber when he visited it in 1825. Kent went through those notebooks in the rare documents room of the British Museum in London. I’ve been to the museum, and held those notebooks in my own hands. The team has discovered over 130 rooms so far, and they are still digging. There is a lot of Middle Eastern tonality in the score, plenty of energy, and also some unusual sound design for flashbacks to ancient Egypt.

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Kent Weeks has also written a wonderful book about the discovery of KV-5, call THE LOST TOMB”, published by William Morrow & Company. Instead of buying it online, why not support your local privately-owned bookstore and order it from them?

Executive Producers Dennis B. Kane and James McQuillan
Produced by David Wallace
Written by Barbara Jampell
Music Composed by Ray Colcord
An ABC/Kane Production in Association with BBC-TV