The King’s Guard is a period swashbuckling adventure starring Lesley-Anne Down, Ron Perlman, Eric Roberts and Ashley Jones. Set in 16th century England, the film features elaborate swordfights and major battle scenes. It contains many familiar elements: a beautiful princess fleeing from a castle under attack, a chest laden with a dowry of gold and jewels, evil brigands in the forest, a handsome sergeant of the King’s Guard to the rescue, a nobleman sacrificing himself to save his compatriots, etc. Lots of fun with a small orchestra, much-enhanced. There are more swashes here than you could throw a buckle at (over 73 minutes of music).

This CD was released on Citadel Records in June of 2000 (Citadel STC 77129). If you would like to purchase it from this site, go to the Store.

Hear a 2-minute MP3 excerpt from THE KING’S GUARD CD.

Producer: Shoreline Entertainment
Executive Producers: Vicky Pike, Morris Ruskin & Eduardo Castro
Director: Jonathan Tydor
Composer: Ray Colcord
Orchestrations: Ray Colcord
Guitars, Lute: Laurence Juber
Engineering: Greg Townley, Avi Kipper, & Jim Hill
Music Editing: Barbara McDermott
Mastering: Charlie Watts at Mondophonix
Special thanks to Mark Brull and Rob Messinger
All selections ASCAP