This was a fun score to do, encompassing a number of different styles while not taking any of them too seriously. It's basically a war between two groups of paperboys, and I played it like an adult war: lots of bombast, tension, some Western themes, really having a good time. Jeff Bond, the reviewer in FilmScore Monthly, actually recognized that and understood it. There's a link to the review elsewhere on this page. Tom Null at Citadel Records just liked the music and put out a nice CD release, mastered 24-bit with some new packaging. The orchestra was about 50, and you can hear them having a great time.

Record Company Blurb

      The Paper Brigade is a sunny comedy about life, love, and the fine art of newspaper delivery. Local paperboys are assailed by a rival gang of bad guys who take over their routes, delivering the papers using cars instead of bikes and providing inferior service for the customers. Gunther (played by Kyle Howard) is an ex-New Yorker who brings big-city street smarts and military savvy to bear in the battle to regain the routes. The boys are faced with many obstacles, including Crazy Man Cooper (played by Robert Englund, A Nightmare on Elm Street's Freddy Kreuger), wild dogs, and attacks by other kids. The brigade proves it has the “right stuff”, but it's no picnic - it's war!

"Adventurous and bristling with energy" - Jeff Bond, Film Score Monthly

Full review of Paper Brigade by Jeff Bond in "Film Score Monthly"

This CD was released on Citadel Records in March of 1999 (Citadel STC 77122). If you would like to purchase it from this site, go to the Store.

Hear a 2 minute MP3 excerpt from THE PAPER BRIGADE CD.

Orchestrations: Jimmy Bryant
Additional Orchestration: Ian Freebairn-Smith and Ray Colcord
Recording Engineer: Avi Kipper
Mixing: Avi Kipper and Jim Hill at Superscore Studios on a Euphonix console
Music Editing: Joey Rand
Copying and Session Supervision: Barbara Nahlik
Acoustic and Electric Guitars: Laurence Juber
Mastering: Charlie Watts at Mondophonix
Special thanks to Rob Messinger and Vas Vangelos
All selections ASCAP