My last adventure was at Willow Springs, when Rusty and I spent the day bashing around in Cobra replicas. They have 5.0 liter Mustang engines and solid rear axles, so there’s no way to get all of that power to the asphalt. Basically, you’re sliding sideways all day. No fun at all. We were on the small track, because the Lista Ferrari team was testing 333Ps on the big track There was also a cool Hoosier Tire Porsche there testing.
Ferrari 333P
Hoosier Tire Porche
One of the guys who ran with us brought his own Cobra replica, built by John Force, the drag-racing guy, with over 650 horsepower. He couldn’t get his power to the track any better than we could, fortunately. On a course with a longer straight we would have been in trouble. As Parnelli Jones says, “If you’re under control, you’re not driving hard enough.”
650 Horsepower!
R.C. at Speed