This was a lovely project. I have always wanted to write romantic orchestral film music, and here I got to do it throughout an entire film, with no car chases. Heartwood is the story of the coming-of-age of a young man and the rescue of his hometown in the redwood forests of northern California. There are many beautiful shots of the Mendocino County landscape and romantic interludes as he discovers a new and different kind of girl from out of town (Hillary Swank). Jason Robards is the owner of a family sawmill started by his father, and the town itself is in danger of being taken over by a corporation controlled by monied interests that would clearcut the trees for a quick profit. This was my first opportunity to work with a big orchestral palette in a traditionally romantic setting, and I’m very proud of the score.

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Director Lanny Cotler
Producer Steve Cotler
Writers Steve Cotler & Lanny Cotler
Executive Producer Susan Block-Reiner
Executive Producer Craig Johnson
Composer Ray Colcord
Director of Photography Rob Sweeney
Production Design Brooks Darrow
Editor Kathleen Gibson
Casting Christine Sheaks